Goodreads Reading Challenge Progress Report

    Okay, I’m late with this one. But, better late than never. Each year, I participate in Goodreads annual reading challenge. I like to keep track of the various stories I read, pushing myself further into bookdom without care. As of July 13th, I’ve read: 97 out of 85 books (I give myself a…

Happy Fourth of July!

  Remember, the struggle for freedom continues. Take nothing for granted! Stay safe and classy today!

Happy Dad’s Day!

To All the Dads and Father Figures, Keep Rocking That Responsibility! You’re Awesome!

9 Reasons To Read Before Bed

Do you read before bed? I do not, preferring to read before 7 p.m. After 7, I’ll check my social media, write and/or (Yay multi-tasking!) watch t.v./Netflix (I still have yet to binge Orange is the New Black). But, after reading Bustle’s article, I have some re-prioritizing my evening activities. My favorite tip Screen-free time We all…

Help Me…I Think I’m Falling

I have a bona fide sickness. I clicked two guaranteed arcs today and I put my name in a drawing for another. Along with pre-orders this month and in August, several committed arcs, and, at least, 20 new purchases I already, I’m staring at a book avalanche this summer and early fall. S.O.S First world…