Happy Halloween Boils and Ghouls!

Be safe, kiddies. I’m staying in, watching scary movies, and healing my aching mouth. Boo-ha-ha-ha! Have fun! Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

Happy Labor Day, America!

Wish an American worker a good day, while sloshing on iced drinks and enjoying a hamburger. Today’s considered the unofficial end of summer (Granted, Southern Californians know the truth weather-wise, lol). Along with celebrating the American worker, here are five Labor Day facts: Hot dog season’s a goner. More people eat hot dogs during the…

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Scribbles

The mister and I celebrate our thirteenth wedding anniversary today. Through the good and bad, our marriage remains strong and tight. Marriage equals work, no matter what t.v. and film tells you. I met my husband during our college freshman year back in 1994. Yes, I married my college sweetheart. Is that still a thing?…

Happy Book Lovers’ Day!

Happy Book Lovers’ Day! Why isn’t this a national holiday?  Go read a book. Buy a book. Read a story to someone. Borrow a book. Write a story for someone’s reading pleasure. Whatever you choose, earn this day!   Follow #happybookloversday on Twitter

Happy Fourth of July!

  Remember, the struggle for freedom continues. Take nothing for granted! Stay safe and classy today!

Happy Dad’s Day!

To All the Dads and Father Figures, Keep Rocking That Responsibility! You’re Awesome!