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Got a Ticket to Read?

I read for fun. I read for acquire knowledge and information. My husband calls me a walking Jeopardy game. Like every fangirl or fanboy, there are places and events I have to attend across the U.S. and beyond. Places, like The Strand NYCThe Charles Dickens Museum (London), Zora Neale Hurston’s grave (Florida), and Shakespeare and Company (Paris), inspiring me to move forward in my writing and reading quests, while pushing me to never settle in my love of words.

But, there are some literary fests and forums, book lovers and writers can attend, if their wallets and schedules permit. I always attend the Los Angeles Festival of Books, where I share a commune with other book nerds each April. Imagine a vast playground with author forums, book sales, artist booths, food, and music appealing to all of your senses within two days. You long for April to arrive each year.

Read on and see where you’ll travel next (NYC’s next on my reading itinerary).

Got a Ticket to Read?

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Top Ten Tuesday #3: Ten Book Turn-offs

Every Tuesday I participate in a Top Ten Tuesday meme, selecting ten examples of whatever bookish (or non-bookish) topic out there.
For this week’s Top Ten, inspired by Broke and Bookish,  Top Ten Reasons to Not Buy a Book.
1. Insta-love. Meet Sue. Meet Bob. Strangers in the first chapter, they find they cannot live without each other by second chapter. Does anyone know people like them in real life? No. I thought so. However, authors and publishers believe these cliche needs to continue, especially in young adult fiction. Give the trope a rest. Trust me.
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2. Books over 400 pages. Time’s precious. Between raising two boys, sharing moments with my husband, working, and breathing, I prefer to use my time wisely. When I read, I don’t want to feel as if I’m trogging along. I want a good plot, great characters, and special dialogue within 400 pages. No more, but maybe less.

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Reading Hack #2: Set a Reading Challenge

If you promise to read more books during the year, create a reading challenge. Several sites offer chances to join theirs, including POPSUGAR and Goodreads. Using the latter grants reminders of getting ahead or fallen behind your tailored challenge. You read, according to your schedule. Want to read fifty books a year? Go! Want to read one hundred? Awesome! Five? Sure. You could further though. I believe in you.  Adjust as you please.

Remember, reading is for fun and enhancement. Don’t stress or worry. But, do enjoy yourself.

reading challenge

Happy Reading!