Hue’s Reviews: The Other Girl

“A horrific crime. One witness―a fifteen year old girl from the wrong side of the tracks, one known for lying and her own brushes with the law.

Is it any surprise no one believed her?” – Amazon

Officer Miranda Rader, former bad girl makes good, investigates the murder of a popular and well-respected professor in a small Louisiana town. Gruesome and outside the realm of her department, she intends to find the killer. However, she realizes her past may relate to her past. How far will she go to solve this crime and what ties does her past hold with the case?

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Monday, Monday, So Read-y To Me

Happy Moan-day – er – Monday, Everyone!

What are you reading today? Whatever you’re pressing your nose in, I hope you’re enjoying the piece.

What am I reading? A hot, burning mess with an intensity I adore. Set in the 80s, you have a guy and girl, total opposites in sanity, desire, and worth, yoked in a setting invoking the seven deadly sins.

What’s with me and the deadly sins all of a sudden? I read The Seven Ways We Lie last month and now this one. A little introspection, lady.

white fur

*Thanks to Penguin’s First To Read program for the ARC opportunity*