Review Policy in Hue


Welcome to I am open to reviewing Advanced Reading copies and review book copies. While I prefer physical books, I will accept e-books. Self-published books ARE NOT accepted.

When emailing me, please include the summary, the release date, and a picture of the cover. I appreciate any links providing additional information. However, please refrain from providing other reviewers’ quotes.

I am open to new authors and genres. However, Psychological Thrillers, Mysteries, Suspense, Historical Fiction (1920s to 1990s), Young Adult, and Contemporary primarily fill my reading list. Also, diverse books would be a pleasure.

As I accept or review books, I cannot guarantee immediate reading or posting. Within a month to forty-five days prior to publication fits the best timeline ensuring feasible reading and posting. If the book is an ARC copy, I will try to publish the review on or around the release date. While I prefer printed copies, digital copies work fine.

All reviews published will be fair and honest. Be aware that a critique exactly what it says so on the tin. While I’m not malicious or cruel, I point out issues arising from the book. Sending me an ARC does not constitute lionizing reviews. Blog followers expect honesty, fairness, and a place for balanced critique. will be ecstatic to host giveaways, author interviews, and other promotional events, if time and interest suits. Feel free to consider the blog to guest on your blog.

At the moment, I am not paid. I review from the heart and love of reading/writing. As a book dragon, I stress fairness, honesty, and balance on

Feel free to contact me at