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Top Ten Tuesday: My Summer 2017 TBR

(Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.)

Cute pedicures. Cool glasses of lemonade. Chic sundresses and sandals. Summer’s coming. Well, that’s almost every day of the year (I live in Southern California, sue me!).

But, for those pining for summer’s kiss, it’s arriving fast.

For readers, summer’s promise brings more time to relax and read. My TBR’s an avalanche (I’m not complaining). But, I’ve created a list of ten books, I definitely plan to read.

However, I do have some rules for reading this summer.

  • Nothing too deep. Summer’s for relaxing, right?
  • Fast pace. Summer brings me extra time, but the season also brings extra distraction (e.g. my children are home, festivals, bright sunshine). I need to read fast.

Here goes…

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Top Ten Tuesday #3: Ten Book Turn-offs

Every Tuesday I participate in a Top Ten Tuesday meme, selecting ten examples of whatever bookish (or non-bookish) topic out there.
For this week’s Top Ten, inspired by Broke and Bookish,  Top Ten Reasons to Not Buy a Book.
1. Insta-love. Meet Sue. Meet Bob. Strangers in the first chapter, they find they cannot live without each other by second chapter. Does anyone know people like them in real life? No. I thought so. However, authors and publishers believe these cliche needs to continue, especially in young adult fiction. Give the trope a rest. Trust me.
Image result for insta-love gifs
2. Books over 400 pages. Time’s precious. Between raising two boys, sharing moments with my husband, working, and breathing, I prefer to use my time wisely. When I read, I don’t want to feel as if I’m trogging along. I want a good plot, great characters, and special dialogue within 400 pages. No more, but maybe less.

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Top Ten Tuesday #2: Ten Bookish Items Mother Dragons Desire

Mother’s Day coming, and as a book dragon, I find myself in a conundrum: What do I want? A day of pampering? Or, bookish stuff filling my lair.

Let’s be real.

Give me bookish stuff.

Collaborating with Broke and Bookish, here’s my Top Ten Bookish Items Mother Dragons Would Desire.

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Top Ten Tuesday #1: Top Ten Things Pushing Me to Read a Book

Two weeks ago, I introduced myself to a Top Ten Tuesday I enjoyed reading, created by Broke and Bookish as its original host. However, this week I’m going rogue by using the first of two I never got to do (but really wanted to enjoy).

My first Top Ten Tuesday, I’m presenting “Top Ten Things Pushing Me to Read a Book.”

Plenty of reasons whisper in our ears as we walk the hallowed aisles of our favorite bookstores or shop online.

What are some of yours?

Let’s get started.

1. Psychological Thrillers. Mash suspense, thrills, and unreliable characters and I’m good to go. The creepier the better. If my skin crawls, I’m invested. Take my money!

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2. Realistic Fiction. Give me real people, real moments, and real pain (or happiness I can budge). Fantasy? No thank you.

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3. Great Representation Towards People of Color, LGBTQA, and Any Individual Under-represented in Books. I’m an enthusiastic proponent for diversity. More stories means never running out of perspectives, tales, and characters to cry, laugh, or throw books at walls over as we read. Keep ’em coming!

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4. Strong Women. When I mean strong, save the damsels in distress for other readers. They’re not my thing. When I mean strong, I’m not necessarily talking about weight-lifters. I’m talking about those female characters capable of a shred of common sense and intelligence within a tale. Does she have to do things on her own like a badass? No. But, I’ll take it.

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5. Good and Honest Reviews. I trust 3 or 4 star reviews before I trust 5 stars and those with a sole star. Sometimes those latter reviews omit fair criticisms, leading to over-hyped and underwhelming books, while the one star reviews lead to confusion when those books turn out average or good.

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Monday, Monday, So Read-y To Me

Happy Moan-day – er – Monday, Everyone!

What are you reading today? Whatever you’re pressing your nose in, I hope you’re enjoying the piece.

What am I reading? A hot, burning mess with an intensity I adore. Set in the 80s, you have a guy and girl, total opposites in sanity, desire, and worth, yoked in a setting invoking the seven deadly sins.

What’s with me and the deadly sins all of a sudden? I read The Seven Ways We Lie last month and now this one. A little introspection, lady.

white fur

*Thanks to Penguin’s First To Read program for the ARC opportunity*