Happy Labor Day, America!

Wish an American worker a good day, while sloshing on iced drinks and enjoying a hamburger. Today’s considered the unofficial end of summer (Granted, Southern Californians know the truth weather-wise, lol). Along with celebrating the American worker, here are five Labor Day facts: Hot dog season’s a goner. More people eat hot dogs during the…

Reading Hack #3 Building a Great Summer TBR List

Before you know, Memorial Day and the rush of summer breezes will tap your manicured hot pink toes. Along with barbecues, pool parties, and freshly-cut grass, summer means another great reason to shop. No. I’m not talking about sundresses and cute sandals (Though, they’re tucked in my brain somewhere). If you’re like me, you get…

We Run in a Pack

Saw this on Facebook and I laughed. The family could’ve adopted or fostered children. Funny nevertheless Happy Laughing! Crafty

Reading Hack #2: Set a Reading Challenge

If you promise to read more books during the year, create a reading challenge. Several sites offer chances to join theirs, including POPSUGAR and Goodreads. Using the latter grants reminders of getting ahead or fallen behind your tailored challenge. You read, according to your schedule. Want to read fifty books a year? Go! Want to…

Life Simplicity #1: So You Want to Read More

Reading takes patience and money. But, most of all, reading takes time. With hectic schedules, children, and daily life strains, readers worry they’re not meeting their yearly challenges, or simply they do not read as much as they would like. How can readers fix the problem? Here’s one tip I use: Daily page counts.