Don’t Call It It Slump-back!

No. I swear I’m not slumping. I’m slowing. Big difference.

I’m slumping with style.


While I’m not in an exact slump, I’m noticing a major slow down. Usually, I read anywhere from sixty to one hundred pages a day. Lately, that number’s diminished to forty to fifty. Not a big deal, I suppose. Summer’s a time to relax. I should heed those words without guilt.

But, I feel guilty.

To combat a full-on slump, I will commit to three actions.

  1. I will read at least forty pages until the feeling’s gone by dividing those pages into sections. Twenty at time twice a day? Sounds good.
  2. Listen to an audiobook. If someone’s reading to me, I’m still reading.
  3. Read light work. For example, read a short story or two. Or, read a book without heavy issues (e.g. social justice, pain).

Overall, I’ll relax. This too shall pass like any other book feeling (e.g. book hangovers). No big deal.


How do you manage the onslaught of an impending slump? Share below in a comment.

Happy Reading!



Goodreads Reading Challenge Progress Report



Okay, I’m late with this one. But, better late than never.

Each year, I participate in Goodreads annual reading challenge. I like to keep track of the various stories I read, pushing myself further into bookdom without care.

As of July 13th, I’ve read:

  • 97 out of 85 books (I give myself a small goal in case life happens). I’m at 114% over my goal.
  • 21,022 pages read
  • 4 audiobooks
  • 3.58 average rating
  • I’m a definite fiction reader. I should read a nonfictional book before the year’s finish.

…and maybe others to help your health…never mind

Do you participate? If so, what’s your goal? How are you doing? Finished?

Keep reading and stay strong during your challenge!



Top 5 Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! What are your plans today? Are you in the middle of a slump? I hope not. For some, summer poses a problem. We have more distractions with the sunny days, road trips, camp, and nights out wandering. We find reading difficult.

However, I vow to complete five bookish activities this summer to keep my reading mojo revved and to enjoy the warm sun.

  • Every Tuesday I participate in a meme called “Top Ten Tuesday” with The Broke and Bookish. But, since that site’s on vacation until mid-August, I will do a quick Top 5 on Tuesdays about literary topics. With the summer, sometimes you need a quick list to get through the day.

  • Wearing Bookish Items. Sue me. I disliked the concept of bookish shirts. Why spend $25 for a t-shirt about books instead of using that money for actual books? Ugh. #trialsofabookdragon I admit some t-shirts catch my eye, though. Okay. Okay. Snap me. I’ll rock a shirt or two this summer. Why not share your literary love on your body and not just your hands alone?

  • Visit either a new or favorite bookstore weekly. L.A. doesn’t suffer from a bookstore lack (Okay, maybe in the deserts). With the Metrolink and a lot of gas in a car, I have two transportation options to hightail my butt to a bookstore and explore. Will I buy? Maybe not. I have three book pre-orders coming through this summer. Budget’s tight. Maybe I’ll snatch a bookmark or two. Gotta support the stores, you know?

  • Listen to an audiobook. I’m a hybrid reader. Though I prefer printed books, I can’t lie. I use e-books every now and then (ARCs for the win!). Yet, I found myself sticking my nose at audiobooks. To me, listening did not equate to reading. I know. I know. Smugness never looks good, especially when my earliest memories of reading included someone else reading to me. I adored story time in school. What’s the difference now? Absolutely nothing. I’m a fool, and with Youtube providing some audiobooks (Does it still count?), I have no excuses.

  • Explore a former genre you liked. For me, I like what I like. Psychological thrillers. Some, not all young adult fiction. Contemporary reads.  I miss reading children’s books. Not quite a new genre, since I teach, but because I teach teens (My early teaching years found myself in kindergarten and first grade. I survived). Since my children are growing (One in college and one hitting the fifth grade), I don’t get to read them anymore. The summer’s a fine time to reconnect.

So, if you find yourself in a reading slump, or you wish to merge your reading love with creative activities to keep you busy, there’s plenty to do.

Don’t know how to start? Here are some sites to kickstart ideas.

Why are you still here? Get moving.

Monday, Monday, So Read-y To Me…

Good Monday, Everyone!

How did your weekend go? Fast? Exciting? Slow? Wakey. Wakey. Time to experience another week.

All I seek is quiet and calm during mine. However, with two kids and a husband, asking is all I’m granted. Yet, with books and a cup of tea by my side (What you think I stop drinking tea because the air outside resembles a sauna? Nevah!!!!), my quiet finds me.

As a matter of fact, my youngest son grants me peace and quiet for four hours. Why? SUMMER CAMP!! If you’re a mom, believe in the power of summer camps. Sure, the kids receive academic enrichment, swimming, and arts and crafts. But, the silver lining for us includes more time to read, no fights over the last popsicle, and having kids so drained and pooped, they beg for naps.

Glory be to summer camps!

Anyway, along with my weekly novels, I add about five short stories or audiobooks to the mix for diversity and new reading experiences. Keep reading fresh, fun, and free from slumps! *Knock on wood*

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Monday, Monday So Read-y To Me…

Good Monday, Everyone!

How did your weekend go? Fast? Exciting? Slow? Wakey. Wakey. Time to experience another week.

As for me, I have found myself at a conundrum book dragons contemplate: visiting and buying in bookstores vs. online buying. On Saturday, I visited one of my favorite and local bookstores, Vroman’s Bookstore (Bookish Heaven #1) . Two stories of a book dragon’s dream exists, where not only books live, but bookish stuff (e.g t-shirts, socks, bookmarks) beg for you to take them home. If you’re ever in L.A. or Pasadena, stop buy and support this independent slice of book heaven.

However, as a new fan of Shirley Jackson (better than Stephen King), I want to grab every story she’s ever written. During my visit, I agonized over a short story collection and one of her novels. With my budget and several pre-orders on their way, I could select one. While I picked the collection, I cried over it’s price ($16), knowing I could get it cheaper online. I bought it anyway.

Here’s the issue: when I came home, I looked on Amazon for a comparative price of $7.62 (an $8 savings). I became anxious. What do I do? Do I return the book and re-order on Amazon? Or, do I consider myself a part of the community striving to keep indie stores open? How can I keep supporting bookshops as cheaper options beg for my wallet’s attention?

Thankfully, my husband rushed in to my rescue. He said to be practical and achieve both. Order online when I want and visit stores when my budget opens space. I play a part as a bookshop supporter when I can and never mind naysayers.

What a smart husband. Steak dinner, honey?

True. Why feel guilty for having two options to share my book lust? Have you shared this conundrum? Please share below any tips you have to not feel guilty.

Enough drama. Back to books.

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