Hue’s Reviews: Tiny Pretty Things

(I’m reading a bit slower than usual. While I catch up, here’a previous book I’ve reviewed that’s worthy of reading.)

Ballet fascinates me. Lean bodies lunge and fly at will. Pointe shoes and dance skirts flutter, carrying the weight of their owners. Beautiful gazelles.

However, the beauty on stage fades in the backdrop of serious drama and mental illness.

These girls require help. Mental help. Obsession drives three of the protagonists in Tiny Pretty Things to do the asinine to get ahead.


1. Fast pacing. I love books that don’t lull. This story keeps your heart racing.

2. Three dynamic females, each with motive and drive to succeed in the limited ballet world. Also, I appreciate reading two non-white females and their perspectives in this world. In addition, we have two gay characters (one closeted, one out) and one bisexual character (though the person leaves you guessing).

3. Gigi’s my favorite character.

4. Thrilling scenes. My breath never ran steady.

5. An entertaining plot. Mean Girls meets Black Swan meets Beverly Hills, 90210.

6. Great writing. I love writers with a fondness for language, especially when they use first-person perspective correctly. I never felt out of each characters’ head.

7. Two characters get their comeuppance. One overt and one covert (No spoilers here!)

Not Quite Cons:

1. Fast paced. Glorious, but sometimes you need a bit of filler to wound down from the previous chapter’s thrill. My heart never stopped racing, and while I appreciate the feeling, sometimes I need a chill moment to recuperate. Not really a con, per se, more so a need for consideration.

2. I dig a great mean girl story. But, damn, sometimes it’s disheartening. Some mean girls calm themselves. Otherwise, they become steroidal bitches, raging and damaging with each flicker of their eye.

3. Non-stop thrill. Sometimes, too much. Give a girl’s heart a break, please.

4. Who’s the guy Will’s in love with? I want a name.

Girls can be vicious and reading about their drama can be delicious. I recommend this read.

Verdict: 4 


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