Happy Birthday, Donovan!

Sending Mommy kisses and a few tears to my youngest son, turning 10 today! I cannot believe we met a decade ago when I held you in my arms. Thanks for a decade of amazing laughs and keeping Daddy and me on our toes.

Here are ten reasons why I love you.

  1. Your beautiful smile
  2. The way you can be Mommy’s biggest cheerleader when she’s feeling down
  3. You’re smart
  4. Your wit’s scary. Seriously, your comebacks are fire.
  5. I love your artwork
  6. You love to read (Major plus +) and your book tastes keep me interested
  7. You love to write (Major plus ++) and your stories amaze me.
  8. You help make me a better person.
  9.  Are you kidding me? I see so much of me in you.
  10. You offer me another year of love.

Here’s to a blessed and joyous 10th year!




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